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March 27, 2023 – Thanks to Stewart’s Holiday Match program we now have $2250 to purchase good choices just for kids at the Food Pantry. Here’s our youngest volunteer, Ben, standing near the Kids’ Section with the award letter. Stewart’s is always serving up something good for our community!! Thank you, Stewart’s Shops!!

The Good Big News!

A friend of One Church Street who loved our project and our mission was always worried about how we would continue to maintain the building once it was complete. WE worried about that too. Our friend thought of a way to help that shocked us. Recently he passed away and he left us a sizeable sum of money, over $600,000, to be used as an endowment. While we can’t spend it for construction, we can invest it and use the interest to keep One Church Street running, to keep the lights and the heat on for the foreseeable future. What an extraordinary gift. While it is not a miracle in itself, it is miraculous to us! So very, very grateful for all we have today.

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Food Insecurity, which essentially means not knowing where your next meal is coming from, is a pressing problem in Fulton County. The rate of food insecurity is growing in our county, and ranks as one of the highest in the state. Currently, one out of every eight families lives with food insecurity.

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